Brief Self Introduction

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Brief Self Introduction:
  I started my career in Automotive Industry since 1996, when I was just 16 years old by selling wheels, tires and some other vehicle accessories. So I decided to become an Automotive Engineer, working at same time as Service Consultant in a Porsche-Audi car dealer in Mexico.
  In my last career year, I had the opportunity to design, build and race an off road car, belonging to the International Society of Automotive Engineers. My team and I competed with other 50 schools in Portland, Oregon U.S. and we were able to stay in the middle of the score in an endurance race of more than 5 hours continuous.
  After finishing my career, I started to work in Yamaha Motor as Chief Engineer reporting warranty claims to other worldwide Yamaha Plants and designing technical trainings for dealer’s net technicians.
  Two years later working at Yamaha, in 2006 I applied to work in Silao General Motors plant on crankshafts line, machining parts for V8 Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac truck engines for local and global production. I was in charge of a 15 team members and a daily production of 350 cranks per shift, working as an outsourced team leader.
  Looking for an opportunity that gave me more stability, I received an offer to work in Daimler Benz as Special Trainer for Sales and Aftersales Luxury Channel, preparing courses as Product knowledge, benchmark, competence advantages, mystery shopper and dynamic track tests, to mention some of main activities for Mexico and Central America.

题材:Mexican tire market as a potential to explore

  (1)Introduction: 介绍
  Resume summary of my career, studies, experience and hobbies.

  (2)Potential Growth in Mexican Market (car Parc):
  Brief explanation about car parc growth in 5 years, showing the brand market share, main car manufacturers and how the automotive market in Mexico is composed.

  (3)Tire Market Share:
  What size is Mexican market, who are the competitors, which brands do we have presence (main brands).

  (4)Target customer and GIPA study:
  Explanation of main customers: Car dealers, Independent auto parts, Specific brand tire dealer, multibrand tire dealer, independent service shop, body service shop. Car or model Brands to be targeted.
  (GIPA – Automotive Aftermarket Intelligence: Company who make market studies in 30 countries focus in automotive industry of distribution channels and repair channels).

  (5)Competence (Sun Tzu) the art of the war:
  This is not a war as well but we have to be prepare to dive in a competitive market. So, we already know the size of the market, know the competitors, so just missing 1 piece left: Do we know us as well as the competitors do? This is a simple advice and begin the assembly of the puzzle with the complete pieces.

  (6)Recommended range for tire replacement and local tips SWOT Mexican Market (local tips):
Main tips to recommended change interval, local tips, Mexican market, tire processes, hard vs soft material to use in rubber.

  (7)Trade agreements bt Mex-China and Benefits of TLC (opportunity for China)
  Mexican market an opportunity for China, summary of talking points, actual trade agreements.

  (8)Close / Motivational message


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